Lowland Credit Union Newport Tn: Providing Financial Solutions For The Community

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Lowland Credit Union Newport Tn: Providing Financial Solutions For The Community
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Lowland Credit Union is a trusted financial institution serving the residents of Newport, TN, and the surrounding areas. With a focus on providing personalized financial solutions, the credit union has been a pillar of support for the community since its establishment.

History and Values

Lowland Credit Union was founded in 1954 with the aim of offering affordable financial services to its members. Over the years, the credit union has remained committed to its core values of integrity, community, and member empowerment. It has grown to become one of the leading credit unions in Newport, TN.

Commitment to Community

Lowland Credit Union is deeply invested in the local community. The credit union actively supports various community initiatives and organizations, striving to make a positive impact on the lives of its members and the community as a whole. Through sponsorships, scholarships, and volunteer work, Lowland Credit Union demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of Newport, TN.

Financial Services Offered

Lowland Credit Union offers a wide range of financial services to cater to the diverse needs of its members. Some of the key services provided include:

Savings Accounts

The credit union offers various savings accounts tailored to meet different goals, such as regular savings, holiday savings, and youth savings accounts. These accounts come with competitive interest rates and convenient access to funds.

Checking Accounts

Lowland Credit Union provides checking accounts that offer flexibility and convenience. Members can access their funds through debit cards, online banking, and mobile banking, making managing finances easier than ever.


Whether it’s for purchasing a new car, financing a home, or covering unexpected expenses, Lowland Credit Union offers a range of loan options. With competitive rates and flexible repayment terms, members can find the perfect loan solution to meet their needs.

Credit Cards

Lowland Credit Union offers credit cards with low interest rates, no annual fees, and rewards programs. These cards provide members with convenient purchasing power and help build credit history.

Why Choose Lowland Credit Union?

There are several reasons why Lowland Credit Union stands out from other financial institutions:

Member-Focused Approach

Lowland Credit Union puts its members first. With a member-focused approach, the credit union strives to understand the unique financial goals and challenges of each member, offering personalized solutions and guidance.

Competitive Rates and Fees

Lowland Credit Union offers competitive rates and fees across all its financial products. This ensures that members can access affordable financial services without compromising on quality.

Convenient Access to Funds

With online banking, mobile banking, and a network of ATMs, Lowland Credit Union provides members with convenient access to their funds anytime, anywhere. This makes managing finances easy and hassle-free.

Financial Education and Resources

Lowland Credit Union believes in empowering its members with financial knowledge. The credit union offers various educational resources, including workshops, seminars, and online tools, to help members make informed financial decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member of Lowland Credit Union?

To become a member of Lowland Credit Union, you need to meet the eligibility criteria and open a share savings account with a minimum deposit. Visit the credit union’s website or contact their customer service for more information.

2. Can I access my Lowland Credit Union accounts online?

Yes, Lowland Credit Union offers online banking services, allowing you to access and manage your accounts conveniently from your computer or mobile device.

3. What is the maximum loan amount I can borrow from Lowland Credit Union?

The maximum loan amount available at Lowland Credit Union varies depending on the type of loan and your creditworthiness. Contact the credit union directly to discuss your specific borrowing needs.

4. Does Lowland Credit Union offer business banking services?

No, Lowland Credit Union primarily focuses on providing personal financial services to its members. For business banking solutions, you may need to explore other financial institutions.

5. How can I contact Lowland Credit Union for customer support?

You can reach Lowland Credit Union’s customer support team by phone or email. Visit their website for the contact details and operating hours.

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