Lattice Panels To Upgrade Your Home

As homeowners, it is not unusual to want a way to make your home stand out from the rest. As a result, we might look for unique yard art, choose paint colors that exude personality, have art work and architectural elements that show off our style or perhaps create custom art and design pieces that keep us from blending into the crowd.

It is this individuality of design that can cause us to scour the Web, salvage yards, and other resources to find the perfect piece to show off our style. But there is an option that many might overlook, and yet it is one that is not only functional and fun, but a great way to be unique – the answer? Lattice panels.

Lattice panels have long been associated with architecture. Although it is often viewed more as an outdoor element used as part of the foundation of a home, as possible shutters, or perhaps a fenced in area, lattice work has much versatility than that! Today’s homeowners and interior designers are finding that lattice panels can be implemented in a wide variety of ways for both the interior and exterior of a home.

When used outdoors as design elements, the lattice can be pressure treated so that it retains its original color, or so that it keeps the stain you chose for a long time. Then, the panels can be used in numerous ways. Some of the ways that it is implemented in a landscape include:

  • Hiding ugly elements such as an HVAC unit, yet still providing access for repairs.
  • Providing privacy for an outside shower – especially helpful if you have a pool, jacuzzi or other space where people may wish to rinse off before coming inside
  • “Siding” for outdoor structures such as gazebos or pergolas
  • Creating planter boxes or planters for your deck
  • Trellis, gates, arbors and other stand-alone architectural elements
  • Garden fencing
  • Deck skirting, exterior step banisters – yes, these are the expected uses, but they are popular because the panels work so well!

But, the lattice panel is not just for outside. It is also great for home interior d├ęcor, too. Some creative ways to use it inside includes:

  • Separating rooms without building a full wall
  • Decorative wall art
  • Moveable panels
  • Headboards

Lattice is a beautiful and practical way to add more style to your home. Take some time to explore the many designs and choices available. Who knows, you might find yourself looking for more unique ways to implement this versatile product in your home.