How To Furnishing Your Home

Don’t overdo but don’t forget color when you add or replace furnishing items in your home

When you have plans to add some new furnishings in any room in your home you need to think of your color scheme before you begin. If you are replacing some items, the colors that surround those items may also have to be replaced. You need to choose wisely so your room or rooms will not look in complete disarray. You may pick some of the loveliest items, most comfortable furnishings, but if they do not complement the other furnishings, you may end up with something that will not be pleasing to your eye and could ultimately make you feel very uncomfortable.

Some colors go together well, and some, of course, do not.

For example, let us assume you are adding some pieces to your living room.

You might have a neutral color sofa and you would like to add an accent chair or two. If your sofa is a light color a tan or perhaps light grey you might look for a chair that has a hint of that grey or tan but is a floral pattern or perhaps a geometric style. That chair can be any color that will look good with the other furnishings in your room and will go well with your sofa particularly if there is a hint of the sofa color in the pattern.

Don’t go wild.

If you are starting with a sofa in a neutral color you can, of course, add a vibrant color to an accent chair without regret, but if you are adding two chairs please do not make each one a wildly different color or pattern. You will regret it if you do. Your two chairs need to complement each other as well as your sofa.

If your other furnishings are dark then the lighter colors with work wonderfully to bring out a sense of warmth and comfort.

If you are starting with a very dark sofa, then you can add a more vibrant color with accent chairs and that will make your room more cheerful. Be careful there also, you do want to add color, but you never want to overdo with too many different colors in the same room.

You may be interested in adding or replacing some other items such as a lamp or perhaps a footstool. These can also add color to your decor, but again choosing colors that will complement each other and not clash, is your goal.

One other important thing to always remember, the wooden pieces in your room need to be considered when adding bright and vibrant colors to any of your furniture choices. If your end tables and coffee tables, or bookcases are dark wood than almost any color scheme of bright colors in your other furniture, your sofa, accent chairs, lamp shades, footstools, etc., will usually be okay and will add an uplifting feeling to that room. But if your wooded furniture pieces are of light wood, such as white oak, birch or pine than your color choices for your sofa and accent chairs as well as other pieces will need to be a little more subdued so there will not be a feeling of chaos which could happen if you pick colors that clash with your wood pieces.

A good idea before selecting a chair or sofa or whatever furnishing you are planning to acquire would be to try placing several small pieces of material, of the different colors that interest you, near your wood furniture pieces to see how they blend with each other and hopefully not clash and make your room look disorganized. It always pays to make certain of your colors before you add them to an established room.

If you are just starting to plan and furnish your home then you will need to carefully choose the whole color scheme for your rooms. It takes the same kind of thought to plan it all as it does to add in new pieces.

Do add color, but do try to add the right colors. You will know when you have selected a piece that will complement the other pieces you have chosen. Colors that do not really go together will give you a feeling of discomfort.

If you visit a few furniture outlet stores you will notice that their displays will usually contain furniture items that complement. You will not see a display that has a green sofa next to an orange chair, but you will often see, for instance, something like a tan or brown sofa next to a light green chair with a small tan or brownish flower print. These furnishing store displays can illustrate better than anything just how a room will look if you plan carefully do add your colors, but choose with care to complement all the other pieces in your room to highlight and delight, not to challenge and collide with each other.