Add Visual Space to a Bathroom With a Floating Vanity

One of the newest trends for bathrooms is a floating vanity. There are many styles to choose from, and all of them help to visually add dimension to the bath. While traditional bathroom vanities are mounted to the floor, a floating vanity is secured to the wall behind it, leaving the space below exposed and open. Choosing a floating bathroom vanity online is easy to do, and it can be installed in an afternoon. This vanity is trendy and definitely makes a statement that will have guests wanting one of their own.

About Vanities

A vanity is a piece of furniture that combines a cabinet section along with a sink basin. The cabinet conceals the plumbing from view and allows the storage of bathroom products. A traditional vanity stands around 31 inches in height, so people who are taller or shorter than the standard average usually need to special order a vanity if wanting one at a different height. A floating vanity serves the same purpose as a traditional vanity, but it does not go down to the floor. It simply appears to “float” on the wall and, in many ways, looks more like a piece of art instead of a piece of furniture.

Floating Vanity Benefits

Traditional vanities tend to be bulky and eat up a lot of space, especially when placed in a small room. A vanity that floats on the wall can give the illusion of more space, which can make a room feel larger than it actually is. A floating vanity can be hung at any height to accommodate the needs of the individual who will be using it.

Cleaning under a vanity that floats is easy, and one can choose to leave the space underneath it clutter-free or use it to keep things, such as a bathroom scale, a toddler step stool or a trashcan, out of the way. It’s also nice to know that stubbed toes will no longer be a problem when one is tired and not paying attention late at night.

The visual impact made by a vanity that floats is huge. It’s amazing how the eyes see the room as much larger simply because there is more overall floor space. With so many positive reasons for installing a floating vanity, it’s sure to be a trend that will stay around for a long time.